The Leadership Series

The Leadership Series

A comprehensive series of 3 hour workshops for the development of critical leadership skills. 

Many individuals have completed their education but have not had an opportunity to develop the critical skills required for success in the workplace.  Employers are increasingly expressing their concern for the lack of leadership skills available amongst applicants.  These same employers are indicating that they place as much importance upon these “employability” skills as they do technical knowledge and formal education.  This is referred to as a skill gap, where the talent pool and employment opportunities are too far apart to keep the hiring process running in sync.

To address this skills gap, this program will offer the following series of workshops to ensure candidates have the training they need in order to achieve and maintain their career goals.

  1. Self-Awareness & Emotional Intelligence
  2. Resourcefulness & Problem Solving
  3. Team Work & Collaboration
  4. Professionalism in the Workplace
  5. Mindfulness & Stress Management

The leadership series runs with continuous intake for individual registration as well as a workplace training series for employers interested in enhancing their workforce.

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